smartloft apartments & art


Gabriele Wittich

Found Objects

29.06. - 31.12.2008

Gabriele Wittich works as puppetmaster and leads family constellations in Berlin and Kairo. Long walks on the beach are an important part of her work to reload her with new energy. Here she collects things the see set free and combines them to tactile objects. Back in the city these objets reminding us of the sea and the sun. They get a new meaning because of our own memory.


To live with art. Artists presenting their work in the spaces. Apart from living in an extraordinary architectural environment, real art works can be experienced. We present two art exhibitions a year. The artworks are available for purchase.


2012_ Group Show_ Time Capsule

2011_ Group Show_ Bauen, Wohnen, Denken - Building, Dwelling, Thinking

2011_ Group Show_ The Arranged Marriage

2010_ HATS_ HATS smartloft

2008_ Gabriele Wittich_ Found Objects

2008_ Thomas Kutschker_ scapes