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HATS smartloft

29.06. - 30.09.2008

HATS are Laura Musavi, Aya Fukami, Sarah Cooney and Jane Cheadle
'The room is literally empty. There is nothing in it, absolutely nothing, except for a small table with a lamp on it ... The walls are bare and empty, save one Chinese print with a mountain scene.
'Look', he said 'I like it this way, clean and empty. I cant stand rooms with furniture and things. This room helps me to keep my inner unity.'
'Don't fool me' I said 'it's just the opposite: you are split inside into one thousand pieces so you are trying now to heal those pieces together.'
'ok, you may be right,' [he said] 'but it is legitimate to try to put oneself together by means of architecture. Maybe that's one of the functions of all art, and especially architecture ...'
-Jonas Mekas, 1957

HATS Smartloft is the result of a 12 day experimental residency that took place between December 2009 and May 2010.
The residency served to spark a series of installations and discussions amongst the four UK based artists who come together on a periodic basis to challenge the intuitive nature of their work methods.


To live with art. Artists presenting their work in the spaces. Apart from living in an extraordinary architectural environment, real art works can be experienced. We present two art exhibitions a year. The artworks are available for purchase.


2012_ Group Show_ Time Capsule

2011_ Group Show_ Bauen, Wohnen, Denken - Building, Dwelling, Thinking

2011_ Group Show_ The Arranged Marriage

2010_ HATS_ HATS smartloft

2008_ Gabriele Wittich_ Found Objects

2008_ Thomas Kutschker_ scapes